How Casino Affiliate Tracking Works

Casino affiliate tracking has various functions. A reliable system works for the benefit of both merchants and affiliates. Casino affiliate tracking works by using cookies to track traffic from affiliate’s websites. Casino affiliate tracking works by aid of a reporting system. This can help you analyze the performance of affiliates and advertisement material. Reports are generated in real time so information is constantly updated. Each affiliate will have their own screen containing the relevant information and statistics. You should be able to download reports to Excel.

Commission levels can be set or adapted. Tracking can automatically calculate two tier commissions. It can adjust commission as to per click, per view or per sale. Different commission rates for affiliates or groups of affiliates can be set up.  It is web based, so it enables you to login from any pc.

Casino affiliate tracking enables you to set payday for the affiliates at a certain time each month. It can email payday alerts for affiliates. It contains a payment log where you can check your balance, view past and required payments to affiliates, and view a table for each affiliate. Tracking software should enable you to give bonuses. A good system should accept most currencies and languages. Affiliates can be assigned codes for their sign up and login pages. They can be assigned more than one URL ‘landing page’.  Affiliates can also be categorized and grouped.

Tracking can review applications from potential affiliates, and can authorize them either automatically or manually. Affiliates can be activated or deactivated any time the program is running. Casino affiliate tracking systems should contain fraud protection.

Casino affiliate tracking can create custom banner codes and automatically email promotional banner links. It can enable you to create your own advertising material, and affiliates choose them on their screens. All they have to do is copy the code and paste in on their websites. Advertising links can be organized and grouped. Banners and links can be managed and websites they lead to can be tracked.

A good casino affiliate tracking system should be compatible and easy to integrate with most standard web servers and server-side scripting languages.